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Indian Traditional Sevan Wood Hindu Home Temple for Sale

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Size (LxBxH): 15x11x34 - (in Inch)

Price: INR 15,300.00  |  USD 248.24

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1. Pooja temple has been erected from the holy Sevan wood.

Ghar mandir uses tarnish proof and rust proof nails and screws.

Product Description

1. Pooja mandir is designed on the lines of real Hindu temples.

Mandir for home has pyramidical dome at the top with a kalash shaped peak.

Wood temple shows an embellished boundary with a motif of two elephants side by side.

Pooja mandir for home shows a boundary surrounding the upper boundary.

Wooden temple shows a toran like floral pattern on the frontage.

Mandir design shows two doors with wooden knobs and wooden frame. Framing divides the door in two sections.

·        Upper section of the door shows beautiful cutwork design with ‘Aum’ etched in it.

·        Lower section shows the images of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha made of resin or fiber.

Puja mandir shows four carved pillars two of which are complete at the frontage. Other two pillars are fused with the edges of the doors.

Puja mandapam shows a wooden Prasad plate having a knob which can be pulled out for putting Prasad or incense stick stand etc.

9. H
ome mandir shows drawer below the Prasad plate for storage of pooja books and accessories.

10. Small home mandir shows wooden dome shaped legs with plastic blocks underneath to prevent abrasion during dragging or shifting.

Pooja mandir is given a natural sevan wood polish and lacquer finish for the shine.

Product Usage

1. Puja temple is exclusively designed for home worshipping.

Wooden pooja mandir for home can be gifted on festivities like Diwali, Dusshera or on special occasions like Gruh Pravesh or house
     warming parties.

Mandir for home in USA can be a show piece during exhibitions or trade fairs.

Pooja mandir can be kept in studio apartments as well as bungalows, offices or factories.

Product Maintenance

1. Pooja mandir for sale requires very little maintenance as mandir is pretreated to prevent termite and rust.

2. Wooden temple for home requires only occasional wiping with soft cotton cloth as the ghar mandir has already been given a lacquer finish.

*Sevan wood is considered auspicious in Hindu religion as the wood of Sevan is considered the abode of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Hence wooden temple made from sacred sevan wood ensures peace, prosperity and happiness to its owner..

Actual product may differ slightly from the projected images, due to unique hand crafted designs and changed lighting conditions.

[P.S:  Each product is unique and handcrafted piece of art, hence slight variations may occur in design. These variations, in contrast to machine made finish, are promoted to preserve the authenticity, identity and artistic appeal of each product reflecting the individuality of the artisan.]

Assembling of Product

It should be noted that ghar mandir not come assembled as displayed in the website. Wood temple comes meticulously packed in a box and assembling has to be done at your residence. Assembling of puja mandapam is very easy. It can be achieved easily with accompanied instructions of self assembling along with the package. Sevan wood mandir comes with a packet of screws named 1, 2, 3… which fits with similarly numbered component of ghar mandir in the specific order e.g. screw no.1 fits component no. 1and likewise.

Time required for assembling: Assembling of pooja mandapam is very simple and takes a maximum of two hours.

Customization of Product

Wooden temple can be customized according to your desire as per the design, color or size you choose. Customization will add 10% extra to the displayed cost. Refer
customization for further information.

Safety measure for Children

Pooja mandir for sale may have sharp edges depending on the design hence children should be prevented to play around carelessly. They should be made to sit at a safe distance from the pooja mandir to prevent any unlikely incident of injury.


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Estimated Delivery Time for UPS Ground Shipping  from our NJ-New Jersey Warehouse

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Damage Control or Return Policy

Ezship delivers your desired home temple in impeccable packing and ensures that it reaches you in perfect conditions. In case of any breakage or damage to the product during shipment, ezship takes complete responsibility and replaces the product or provides complete refund as the conditions apply. Ezship has completely insured delivery till USA so you get your product intact wherever you are located.

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Order Processing Steps

Order Processing

EzshipEzship is much easier and hassle free than you think... we sum up the process in just 3 steps..

Step 1:

Select your product, inquire for quotation incase if you wish to customize seek customization advise from us.

Step 2:

Deposit payment as per our quotation in to our account (link to payment procedure).

Step 3:

Receive your products at our NJ warehouse without paying any freight charges for transportation from India to USA; in case if you wish to get the products at your doorstep ask us for separate quotation for UPS on Ground Support.

Note: We send our shipment by sea on regular basis. Every shipment takes normally 40 to 50 days shipment time and around equal time for preparedness and receiving the shipment at our NJ warehouse. Hence any product purchased by you (if it is being shipped from India) will take at least 100 days to reach your home. Regarding shipment schedule for your products; you will hear it from us in the quotation itself.

We are sure that you would like to know how this entire process works. Our process has similar steps like the one you do while buying products during your India visit or online and ship it through courier or cargo service.

For further ease, we divide the process into five easy parts:

1. Inquiry:

If you are looking for traditional Indian ghar mandir, swings, handicrafts products or wedding gifts, wedding return gifts etc., we have it all. If you are in India or visiting India; we welcome you to visit our Showroom at Ashram Road, Ahmedabad or you can buy your products online through this portal.

While surfing our portal if you like any of our product feel free to inquire about it, we will happy to help you with quotation and further details of the product. In case if you wish to customize the product as per your requirement just press customization button and you will get to see customization form. For majority of our products we support customization.

Once you inquire for the quotation; we work forward on your requirements and detailed quotation is being forwarded to you. Normally, we provide shipment till our NJ warehouse if a customer wants to pick up we update them about the arrival or if a customer wants to get it at their door step we forward it through UPS on ground support on chargeable basis.

2. Quotation:

All product quotations are based on the rates given with the product except for the customization option.

Following hindrances are not there when you deal with us.

a. Product b. Packaging c. 100% duty paid d. Insurance e. VAT f. Custom clearances at both locations (India & USA).

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Moreover, please note that we provide Free Shipping till our NJ warehouse, forward to that you have two options:

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If you wish to collect your shipment on your own; we shall update you about the arrival and accordingly you can pick up the same. Or you can inform your FEDEX /UPS account to arrange for pick up from our NJ warehouse.

Option 2: Door Step Delivery In

case if you are not able to manage it on your own, we shall happy to support you for transportation within USA through UPS on Ground Support. Our existing tie up with UPS on ground allow us to offer much lower rate, about 50% off on card rate.

Validity of Quotation:

All quotation shall be valid for a period of 1 month; however for specific cases quotation validity will be mentioned within quotation itself, we expect our customers to go through the quotation thoroughly.

3. Confirmation of order:

On receipt of quotation; we look forward to hear it from you. In case if you have further queries, please feel free to connect with us on our Global Contact No (856) 356 3031. If you are happy with the quotation and wants to place the order please call back us or email us to provide you our bank account details.

Customers are requested to note that without receiving advance payment we do not ship or manufacture (customization or bulk production). Any such inquiry for shipment / manufacturing will not be entertained. Also, once confirmed orders (partly or fully paid) shall not be cancelled.

4. Payments:

On receipt of our quotation; customers are expected to make payment as per payment terms in our account. For more details on payment visit payment terms section.

Once we receive advance payment, we release product requirement sheet to dispatch team or manufacturing team for necessary actions.

5. Shipment:

Option 1 Free Shipment (India to NJ Warehouse):

Ezship is shop in USA at Indian price - This concept helps customers to get their products at our warehouse without paying any freight charges for bringing products from India to USA.

Under EZship, we provide packaging, insurance, liaison with Indian & US customs, shipping company management, receiving agents etc. and transportation of shipment to our NJ warehouse.

For all shipment under EZSHIP, we take responsibility of breakages till it reaches to you (yes to your home). We ensure that all products are properly packed and insured so that when you receive it it remain intact but in case if you find any breakages in the received material, need not to worry, you can claim for replacement. You need to follow broken item handling policy of Ezship (link here).

Option 2 Air Courier (Paid shipment):

In case if you have urgent requirements; we shall certainly provide quotation of home delivery through Air Courier. In such cases Courier shipment charges will be levied along with all other charges except the packaging as it comes free of cost with all type of consignments.

In case if breakage happens during Air Courier; we do not take responsibility of the same. In General, Air shipment to US is most expensive method of cargo delivery, however based on your requirement we can provide it.

For more information on shipment please click here.

Shipping Information

Shipping Information


Ezship gladly accepts orders from USA only. This service is available for USA and is a very convenient way to get your favorite products shipped without any hassles of breakages, documentation, duties etc.

Delivery Time:

On an average, order arrives to the destination (our NJ warehouse) within 95 days. The delivery time to your doorstep will depend primarily on two factors: Shipment Sailing and UPS Ground Support.

Item Availability:

All items available on website are normally available for delivery within stipulated time frame; few items like bulk quantity order or special requirement products or big size sculptures may require production support once order is received. The delivery schedules of such backordered items will be confirmed at the time of placement of order.

Free Shipping Service:

Free Shipping Service by Kapasi Handicrafts to USA is an advantage to customers, as by this service we offer you hassle free tension free transaction for you don't have to worry about anything till the product reaches our warehouse in NJ.

Our shipping service is highly reliable and secured. Throughout the transportation you do not pay any extra amount and that is the reason we say Shop in USA at Indian price. Kapasi will cover all duties and import taxes for customers in the USA.

Eazy options to receive the shipment at home:
  1. Self pick up

    If you would like to pick up your order from our warehouse in New Jersey, select the Pick Up option at the time of buying or inform our Customer Care Executive on (856) 356 -3031. Our warehouse is located in 4314, route 130 N, Willingboro, NJ 08046. All the information about the shipment and time for pick-up from our warehouse shall be e-mailed to you in advance to make it convenient for you to pick up your shipment at absolutely no extra cost.

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  3. Facilitation by Kapasi for UPS on Ground Service:

    For all such cases including NJ and surrounding; we offer UPS delivery facility on chargeable basis for shipment transportation within USA.

    We have special tie up with UPS for shipping consignments to our clients within USA. UPS Shipping rates are automatically calculated based on total size and weight of the shipment, as well as by the distance from our warehouse in New Jersey.

    UPS standard ground shipping takes 2-7 business days for delivery. In case if you need priority deliveries confirm us at the time of quotation. UPS does not deliver on Saturday and Sunday.

Once your order has been picked up by either UPS shipping we will email you a tracking number.

Payment Information

Payment Information

Once you confirm the order; we shall provide you various options to make the advance payment facilitating us to start work on your product requirement or dispatch your product:

We are currently accepting Cheque or Direct Deposit in to our account in Wells Fargo Bank. So we suggest our customers to locate the nearest branch of Wells Fargo Bank through following link:


To locate the nearest branch you will have to provide ZIP Code of your area.

Payment Method 1:

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Kindly draw cheque in favour of RR Global Enterprises LLC.

Bank Name
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As per our conversation or quotation.

This payment method we suggest our customers as Highly Recommended Method as this remain safest mode to ensure the payment credit on same day in our account.

We request you to please confirm to us via mail once the payment is deposited in our bank account.

Payment Method 2:

Courier or Simple Post Cheque

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Please courier it or Simple Post (not certified post) to below given address.

RR Global Enterprise LLC
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We recommend keeping a photocopy or scanning copy of cheque with you and one may please be forwarded to us via electronic mail with dispatch details so we can track the same.

Just DO SIMPLY POST. We request Not to send Cetified Mail as the concern person may not be at home for receiving certified mails.

Payment Method 3:

Wired Transfer:

Wired transfer is also possible; if you do not find Wells Fargo Bank branch or Simple Post or Courier options are not getting through, please feel free to connect with us for knowing the details for doing Wired Transfer. For all Wired Transfer bank is taking Transaction charges in tune of $15 which shall be borne by the customer themselves, so in case if you are doing Wired Transfer, please add $15 in to total amount and transfer it to us.

Please note

  • At this moment payment through Debit or Credit Card is not possible.

Communicate with us

  • Once you through with payment procedure, you need to communicate to us with payment reference so that we can verify from our side.


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