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  • German Silver Mandir with Box Handcrafted for home

German Silver Mandir with Box Handcrafted for home


Product Code: GCB122442
Size LBH: 24.00" x 12.00" x 42.00" (Inch)
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  1. German silver temple is built from plywood and plated with German silver and copper.

  2. German mandir uses tarnish proof and rust proof screws and nails.

Product Description:

  1. Ghar mandir is designed on actual Hindu temples.

  2. German silver temple has three pyramidical domes on the top, with the bigger dome in the centre.

    • Each dome has shikhar or peak in the design of a kalash.

    • Domes are richly engraved on all the three sides.

    • Edges of the domes are plated with copper

  3. Metal mandir has a decorated boundary surrounding the dome.

  4. Pooja mandir shows lavishly decorated front toran with small bells hanging at the edges.

  5. Home mandir shows exquisitely crafted side panels depicting the figurines of Goddess Durga, ‘Aum’ and Goddess Lakshmi.

  6. Home temple has two doors with handle which when closed present a pentagonal shape.

    • Doors have richly engraved borders.

    • Upper section of the doors bars lined equidistant from each other.

    • Lower section shows the figurines of Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman.

  7. Mandir design has four splendidly decorated pillars. Pillars at the front are complete and pillars at the back are incomplete and fused with back panel.

  8. Small mandir reveals the altitude of vision to be at ………….from the base allowing comfortable darshan or view of Gods while sitting.

  9. Pooja mandapam shows the inner dimensions of the garbha gruha or place where Gods are kept to be:

  10. Mandir for home a prasad plate with golden colored handle for pulling it out. Prasad can be kept on it or incense stick stand can be placed on it.

  11. German silver mandir shows a staircase shaped drawer with a knob allowing pulling it out and storing of pooja accessories.

  12. Home mandir has two decorated drawers adjacent to the central drawer for providing more space for storing pooja books or other pooja items.

  13. Ghar mandir shows lavishly decorated panels with elephants and other artistic panels.

  14. Puja mandapam has an addition box below the drawers with panels on two sides for opening it. Knobs are provided.

    • Box increases the space for keeping pooja related things like utensils or books.

    • Panels on the box are richly carved showing artistically designed elephants.

    • Panel at the centre shows the figurine of Lord Shiva.

    • Side panels have round chakra design with other splendid patterns.

  15. Puja mandir shows rounded legs for support and stability.

  16. German mandir is given a lacquer finish for keeping the shine consistent.

Product Usage:

  1. Ghar mandir for sale is designed for pooja at home in solace.

  2. Puja mandir can be a excellent gift item on occasions like wedding or Gruhpravesh or on festivals like Diwali or Dussehra.

  3. Home mandir can be a showpiece in International trade fairs or conferences.

  4. German silver mandir can be kept in studio apartments or flats or in bungalows or factories conveniently.

Product Maintenance:

  1. Metal mandir for home requires very little maintenance as mandir is pretreated to prevent termite and rust.

  2. Ghar mandir requires only wiping with soft cotton cloth occasionally since ghar mandir has already been given a lacquer finish.

  3. German silver temple can act as a souvenir representing Indian culture.

  4. Puja mandir in USA easily fits in small apartments, flats and offices and looks fine even in bungalows or factories.

*Actual product may differ slightly from the projected images, due to unique hand crafted designs and changed lighting conditions.

[P.S:  Each product is unique and handcrafted piece of art, hence slight variations may occur in design. These variations, in contrast to machine made finish, are promoted to preserve the authenticity, identity and artistic appeal of each product reflecting the individuality of the artisan]

Assembling of Product:

It should be noted that ghar mandir does not come assembled as displayed in the website. Pooja temple comes meticulously packed in a box and assembling has to be done at your residence. Assembling of pooja mandiram is very easy. It can be achieved easily with accompanied instructions of self assembling along with the package. Metal mandir comes with a packet of screws named 1, 2, 3… which fits with similarly numbered component of wooden pooja mandapam in the specific order e.g. screw no.1 fits component no. 1and likewise.

Time required for assembling: Assembling of German silver temple is very simple and takes a maximum of two hours.

Customization of Product:

Wooden temple can be customized according to your desire as per the design, color or size you choose. Customization will add 10% extra to the displayed cost.

Safety measure for Children:

Metal mandir may have sharp edges depending on the design hence children should be prevented to play around carelessly. They should be made to sit at a safe distance from the ghar mandir to prevent any unlikely incident of injury.