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  • Sevan Wooden Temple for Home Pooja Puja 25Lx13B

Sevan Wooden Temple for Home Pooja Puja 25Lx13B


Product Code: SW132540
Size LBH: 25.00" x 13.00" x 40.00" (Inch)
Availability: Production
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  1. Gharmandir is fabricated from Sevan wood consideredauspicious for mandirs.

  2. Poojamandiris fitted with tarnish proof and rust proofnails and screws.

Product Description:

  1. Poojamandiris made by inspiration from actual woodtemple.

  2. Pooja temple has a pyramidical dome with kalash likeshikhara or peak.

  3. Home mandirhas a decorated boundary below the domewith wavy design and motif at the front.The motif depicts two peacocks flankinga chakra.

  4. Home temple shows a toran like design below theboundary adorning the frontage.

  5. Wooden temple shows two window like jharokhas onboth sides.

  6. Wooden mandir for homeshows two doors with woodenknobs and frames dividing the door into two sections.

    • Upper section showscutwork designs in various patterns.

    • Lower section showsimages of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha in resin/fiber.

  7. Mandir for home shows four pillars with beautifulengravings. Front two pillars are complete and the back pillars are fused withthe edges of the door.

  8. Wood poojamandirshows the dimensions of garbhagruhaor inner area to be:

  9. Poojamandir for home has the altitude of visionat…………. from the base which allows viewing of Gods while sitting on the floor.

  10. Wood temple shows a wooden prasad plate with knobfor pulling it out and putting prasad and other pooja items.

  11. Mandir design has a single big drawer with a woodenknob for facilitating storage of pooja books or pooja items.

  12. Gharmandir shows rounded wooden legs for support.

  13. Sevan wood mandir has been given a natural sevanwood polish and lacquer finish.

Product Usage:

  1. Wooden temple facilitatespooja at home in solace.

  2. Poojamandiris an ideal gift on festivals like Diwali, Dusshera or on special occasions like GruhPravesh or house warming parties.

  3. Mandir for home can be a decorated as a show piece during exhibitions or trade fairs.

  4. Mandirfor home can be kept inflats, apartments as well as bungalows, offices or factories.

Product Maintenance:

  1. Woodenmandirrequires very little maintenance as mandir is pretreated to prevent termite andrust.

  2. Poojamandirfor home requires only occasional wiping with soft cotton cloth asthe gharmandir has already been given a lacquer finish.

*Sevan wood is considered auspicious in Hindureligion as the wood of Sevan isconsidered the abode of Lord Vishnu and GoddessLaxmi. Hence wooden temple made from sacred sevan wood ensures peace,prosperity and happiness to its owner.

Actual product may differ slightly from theprojected images, due to unique hand crafted designs and changed lightingconditions.

[P.S:  Each product is unique and handcrafted piece of art,hence slight variations may occur in design. These variations, in contrast tomachine made finish, are promoted to preserve the authenticity, identity andartistic appeal of each product reflecting the individuality of the artisan.]

Assembling of Product:

It should be noted that Gharmandirdoes notcome assembled as displayed in the website. Mandirfor home comes meticulouslypacked in a box and assembling has to be done at your residence.Assembling of homemandir is very easy. It can be achieved easily with accompanied instructions ofself assembling along with the package.Sevan wood mandir comes with a packet ofscrews named 1, 2, 3… which fits with similarly numbered component of gharmandirinthe specific order e.g. screw no.1 fits component no. 1and likewise.

Time required for assembling: Assemblingof poojamandapamis very simple and takes a maximum of two hours.

Customization ofProduct:

Woodentemplecan be customized according to your desire as per the design, color orsize you choose. Customization will add 10% extra to the displayed cost.

Safety measure for Children:

Poojamandirforsale may have sharp edges depending on the design hence children should beprevented to play around carelessly. They should be made to sit at a safedistance from the poojamandir to prevent any unlikely incident of injury.